LolliShops will be sporting a trend in accessories known as “Lolita”.

It appeals to me because of all the pink, ruffles, fluff, froufrou and sugary sweet dessert-inspired jewelry.
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Wikipedia defines this trend like this…

Lolita is a fashion subculture in Japan that is primarily influenced by Victorian children’s clothing as well as costumes from the Rococo period. Lolita has made this into a unique fashion by adding gothic and original design elements to the look. From this, Lolita fashion has evolved into several different sub styles and has created a devoted subculture in Japan. The Lolita look consists primarily of a knee length skirt or dress, headdress, blouse, petticoat, knee length socks or stockings and rocking horse or high heel/platform shoes. Teddy bears and dolls such as Super Dollfies are often carried to emphasize the childlike look.

Now, while I can’t imagine grown women going to the grocery store in platform heels and a Baby Doll, I do think we can add in some sweet accessories to our wardrobe. A set of LolliPop Earrings or a Mini Birthday cake on your finger is a fun way to play with the Lolita look without committing to the whole costume.
(If you do want to entertain the full Lolita look, I love the fashions at Anna House)
Vendors who create jewelry & accessories with this trend in mind will be using the tag “Lolita” in their listings so don’t forget to keyword that tag when LolliShops goes live! Lolita Creation will fit into the category, “Elegant Whimsy”.

LolliShops is expecting to be in its Beta Testing phase on November 15th
and will have an official launch on November 28th!
~Sadie Lou