Those “Cello Baggies”…

September 16, 2008

What a great response to yesterday’s promotional opportunity! I am so beyond thrilled that I will have all these wonderful goodies to give to people at Silver Bella!!
Even though LolliShops won’t be open yet, nobody will walk away from my booth without knowing that it’s coming and that it will be the very best place to shop!!
By then, I’ll be able to bring my laptop and show potential vendors and shoppers some very cool teasers–did I tell you that this Wednesday is the day I pick out the design?!! I told my Web Team all the lovely things I want for LolliShops and I even brought in an Inspiration Board for them to get ideas–
They are creating three different “looks” for LolliShops and I get to pick one of them! This is the most exciting choice yet! (I’ll ask them if I can show you which one we’re going with)

Okay, real quick…the question I got the most about the Press Kits was about those cellophane bags.

Here are a couple pictures of what I’m talking about…

Those bags are for sale at Pink Rose Pastries
She’s a LolliShops Vendor!
The smaller bags measure 3.5″ x 2″ x 7.5″, and the larger bags measure 4″ x 2.5″ x 9.5″.
Either one of those sizes are perfect–but nothing bigger.
Thanks so much!!
~Sadie Lou


Artistic Elements
Definition: Who knows what artists need BETTER than fellow artists? This category is for artistic inspiration! You’ll find gorgeous, well composed art kits and collage packs. This is the category for supplies such as special glue, ribbons, trims and fabrics!

I am soooo excited about this category. I LOVE to buy my artistic elements online because you just can’t find these things anywhere else! I couldn’t go to Estate Sales every weekend for a month and come away with as many goodies as I could get in one hour on LolliShops (when it’s ready).
These artists (because they are artists and suppliers to artists) really know how to pull together a bunch of odds & ends and package them in such a way that I just HAVE to have them!
Not to mention all the creative talent that goes into handmade supplies like Heidi’s Crepe Paper Ruffles! Do not settle for any other crepe paper ruffles–Heidi’s are the original!
My next giveaway is going to be an artist’s supply kit! Coming this Monday so come back Monday to leave a comment to win!!
~Sadie Lou

I also have some exciting news coming next week about the LolliShops website!