Thank You!

August 18, 2008

It’s only been 3 weeks since I first released the Application for LolliShops. Since then, I have received over 600 applications and we have close to 400 approved vendors!
I credit most of the buzz to my faithful friends and contacts who instantly added the buttons to their blogs. They didn’t stop there! You guys posted about LolliShops, you talked about it to fellow artists and you joined the LolliShop Guild where you continue to invite your friends and generate buzz!
I want to thank you!
You guys are an amazing group and I am daily inspired, grateful and impressed!
So I’m going to have my first LolliShops Blog Giveaway. All you have to do is post a comment. Since just posting a comment isn’t all that exciting, I will have you answer a question. The question is:

“What do you love more: Polka Dots or Stripes?”

Just answer that question in the comments to win! Here are the photos of the prize…

You get a vintage card box full of handmade cards, vintage greeting cards, vintage buttons and trims, vintage rickrack, a Best Friend Award and some vintage wrapping paper samples!
(That’s a lot of vintage!)
Thanks again!
In the future, LolliShops will be offering lots and lots of awards and prizes! Here are just a few ideas…
1. Rewards and Prizes for vendors with the most sales for one month
2. Rewards and Prizes for vendors with the most listings for one month
3. Rewards and Prizes for referring new buyers and vendors to LolliShops
4. Rewards and Prizes for contests: Most Creative use of Rick Rack…etc.
You get the idea!
Sometimes, LolliShops will be buying items from Featured Sellers and giving those away as prizes too! *excited*
I have some more posts coming this week so stay tuned!
~Sadie Lou


Sweet Rewards!

July 21, 2008

I have been amazed at the amount of support I have received through LolliShops. All I did was provide some cute buttons for your blogs and you all picked them up and added them.
I have plans to reward those of you that have already done that. I have been collecting that information.
The reward will be something along the lines of free shop listings on your first day of setting up on LolliShops.

If you haven’t added a button to your blog, you can still do that and know that I am also able to collect information in the form of stats! Word Press allows me to see how people got to this blog. For instance, yesterday, someone found me by clicking a button on Lori Karla’s Blog- Faeriewindow
It would be easy for me to reward people for directing the most traffic to LolliShops.
By golly, that’s a great idea!
Stay tuned for that contest! I will ask people to do a blog post about LolliShops and then I’ll see who directed the most people over here!
Then they will get a numptious prize! Anyhoodles, I’m all about properly thanking LolliShop’s supporters–it will be an ongoing trend.
~Sadie Lou