It’s a well known fact: Lollies love Vintage!
There is a special category designed for it- “Vintage Treasures” and there are some very determined Vintage Vendors with an eye for what the Lollies gotta have!
But just so we’re all on the same page, I want to qualify Vintage Treasures for everyone.
This is a post I wrote for The Guild (our private forums for vendors- but we have a public one too * more on that later).

The first rule of thumb:
1. Vintage = 20 years or older (when it comes to home decor and collectibles: MOSTLY older)

2. Antique = 50-100 years or older

3. We love Cottage Style (vintage) art supplies = buttons, ephemera, birthday decorations, crepe paper, Christmas, greetings cards, wrapping paper, seam binding, trims, forget-me-nots, glitter, charms, rhinestones, cupcake toppers, photos, fabric, lace, doll parts, etc.

4. Cottage Style/ Shabby Chic home/office decor = vases, planters, pitchers, framed art, small furniture, tablecloths, linens, candle holders, mercury glass, figurines…etc.

5. Cottage Style Clothing/Jewelry = Aprons, vintage prom dresses, shawls/wraps, lingerie, slips, gloves, frilly baby clothes, collectible doll clothes/shoes, whole pieces of jewelry and jewelry repair pieces, hats with flowers & velvet

The LolliShops audience is *MOSTLY* interested in vintage from the 1800s, early 1900s, the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s (some 60’s and 70’s) and 80’s bling!

It seems to me, the emphasis on Vintage Treasures is with the photographs. If I can give any advice to the accepted Vintage Vendors, it would be to work on showcasing those Treasures in a way that is scumptiously delicious!
Someone who is an expert at Vintage Artistic Elements, is Sarah Elder…
Visit her Flickr HERE
But see what I mean?

Someone that knows how to photograph home decor is Polka Dot Rose,

You can visit Karla and Kristi’s photostream HERE

They will both be LolliShops Vendors and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind sharing some tips of their trade with you.
Have a great Wednesday!