Have a Cupcake…

October 2, 2008

Yummy! Click on the mosaic for artist information and a close look at these creative confections! Each one of the artists are accepted LolliShops vendors!
~Sadie Lou


More creations from LolliShops’ soon-to-be-vendors!

1. Paris her way…, 2. Oh So Sweet, 3. Raspberry Walnut Creme Fraiche, 4. Mini Notebook, 5. 1st Birthday Gift….., 6. Circle of Roses Dishcloth/Doily, 7. SpringTime collage, 8. It’s Still Me, 9. Explore Dream Discover, 10. A plate of pink and cream crochet applique, 11. white rabbit small.jpg, 12. Faux / Fake Fancy Frosted Cookie and Cupcake, 13. Needlefelted Magnolias, 14. Bebe Doux (Sweet Baby)~Gossamercreations~, 15. Christmas Annie, 16. Siren song, 17. 2008_05010109, 18. Lace Cake – listed on my Etsy shop, 19. Soldered night light…Humpty Dumpty, sat on a wall, 20. Keep Out – Not too shabby, 21. Queen’s Bouquet, 22. Pink Taffy Art Candy Embellishment Pack, 23. DSCN4597, 24. Home Sweet Cupcake Home, 25. Green Polka Dot Bird Pot Holder, 26. Painter’s Roses, Henri Matisse ~ Original Gouache Painting, 27. The Cupcake Lady, 28. pretty in pink, 29. VERSAILLE, 30. Blue Vintage Baby Shoe, 31. Milla Wool Felt Posy Hair Clip, 32. Bubblegum Machine, 33. Hansel and Gretal, 34. sweetly, 35. The Sweet Shoppe, 36. Untitled

Sneak a Peek!

July 28, 2008

I just wanted to show you just *some* of the creations from the 80-or-so approved applications LolliShops has received so far…

1. Pink Christmas Tussie Mussie: detail, 2. Taffy Snowpixies, 3. ~Phillida~, 4. IMG_0972, 5. Moira, 6. Sweet Friend (ami doux) Tag, 7. Sunshine and Flowers, 8. Pretty Girly Things, 9. tile, 10. Baby Girl Sugar Pink Chic, 11. SET #4 – NOT SQUARED, 12. Tiny Beaded Birthday Party Cuppycakes, 13. Life is sweet Feltie, 14. A birthday giveaway!, 15. a tag using some of my new finds, 16. vintage inspired “baking beauty” paper doll with blonde braids, 17. Cards2, 18. Captured Fairy Swap, 19. avalon dollybelle, 20. slide17, 21. New Vintage Inspiration Kit in Shop!, 22. Girlhood “Ribbon”, 23. Birthday Crown, 24. bloom, 25. pink cherry cupcake ornament

Some of these creations are so signature to each artist, I bet you could guess half of them without clicking on the link to see who they belong to!
I am so excited about the level of quality and talent this marketplace is drawing. I am really excited about making connections with each and every single one of the approved applicants!
If your creations are not in this Flickr Mosaic, it was either because your application didn’t provide that link or I just missed you this time and I’ll get you next time.
Enjoy browsing through this mosaic!
~Sadie Lou
1. Vintage spools with Tickets, 2. Nest for Natalea, 3. close up bird in clock home, 4. Savannah, 5. Picture_145, 6. wee ones, sweet beginnings, folk art painting, 7. Spring Pink Purse, 8. Little shabby cottages by Lilly Cottage, 9. Sweet Pea, 10. custom lollies for little girls, 11. Mermaid Treasure ~ Gossamer Creations
I just had to get Round 2 in there today…