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~Sadie Lou

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LolliShops & Gingerbread

September 2, 2008

I’m so excited to announce LolliShops’ very first Craft Challenge!
I’m giving everyone plenty of notice so that you can all find the time to participate.
Here are the yummy details: This is for LolliShops Vendors Only!
*UPDATE* There are a lot of questions and answers in the comments
I want everyone to make a faux Gingerbread House. No baking!
This challenge has quite a bit of opportunities and variations. You can use some real elements–like candy–but I want this creation to be decorative for the holidays because we’re going to save the houses for our LolliShops!
So if you use candy, it should be varnished or sealed (protected) in some way so that the house can be used year after year. Also, this creation should not be too large–I think it should stay within an 8 inch length and height.

You have plenty of time to get ideas and start gathering up supplies. I found a really great house form online and I am pleased to announce that the vendor was more than willing to offer a 15% discount to any LolliShops vendor for this challenge! She created a special listing in her shop just for you. I’m going to make a couple houses and I’ll be using this form for one of them:
Special Discounted House
If the special listing is sold, just contact the seller and she’ll put it back up for you.

You can blog some sneak peeks of your materials or the process–we’re going to save the actual reveal for a saved date (which I will announce as we get closer).
I will do a special post with all the participants and a link to the special Flickr Pool that I will set up for the event. **For those of you who were accepted LolliShops vendors and you don’t have a Flickr account, I really think it’s a great promotional & Networking tool. LolliShops will be using it a lot for various contests and challenges. It’s FREE!! I will also help anyone set up their account if that kind of thing makes you nervous.**

The winner will get a special (TBA) Holiday Themed package from LolliShops!
The rest of us can list the creations in our LolliShops when we open for business!
Please use the comments for any suggestions or comments!
You can email me too at lollishops@gmail.com
~Sadie Lou