What exactly does “froufrou friendly” mean?
Before I answer that question, just keep that question in your back pocket while I get you riled up for a minute. I met with the company building LolliShops yesterday, and we talked about some exciting things–so my excitement is going to rub off on you.

I want to talk about the community that LolliShops will nurture and grow. Right now, there are all these websites, blogs, boutiques, shops, photo sharing going on. LolliShops is going to pull all these elements together in one place. Right now, we’re scattered. I know that for me, it’s hard to find time to keep up with everyone’s giveaways, swaps, shop updates–etc.
I always hear about something too late. I was super fortunate to get in on Kari’s Sweet & Sinister swap.
I missed out last year so I was determined to get in on it this year! But even the best of swaps have to close at some point so it will be nice when we can view all the giveaways & swaps at glance.
LolliShops will be the froufrou friendly market place, sure–but that’s just part of the fun!
My idea is to have our blogs feed to our shops.
We will have a cute message board ( not a forums) where we can all post links to our giveaways & swaps.
There will be a featured seller every week where the featured seller can share her studio with us and maybe pick some other shops that she visits on LolliShops–sort of what we do already on our blogs but out in the public–to really nurture this community we have built up.

LolliShops is going to host its own rewards, contests, giveaways, swaps…
I think it would be really fun if we did a whole site craft-a-long and then had links to everyone’s submissions…
Just a lot of great ideas floating around in my head and I always welcome more

One idea Heather Bluhm came up with was for LolliShops to offer tips on how to photograph creations, watermark your images, give a tutorial on how to protect your art on Flickr and other photo sharing websites…
…the LolliShops blog will continue to be full of great information like that even after the launch.
So get your thinking caps on girls and tell me what you would like to see! We’d love to hear from you!
Sadie Lou



July 15, 2008

Welcome to the official blog of LolliShops!

Take a little look around…all of the design sweetness was generated by Heather Bluhm of Bluhm Studios and all of the tricky programming by Levi of culturezoo. I’m so excited to have this cute blog so that I can start sharing with you all the great features and surprises I’m preparing for LolliShops. The first ideal I wanted to share with you is that LolliShops is going to appeal to three kids of people.

Artist 1 wants to sell their handmade goods, vintage treasures or artistic supplies but doesn’t have the froufrou friendly marketplace to do that. That’s where LolliShops will come in. Artists can list their items for sale at a reasonable listing price and an inexpensive transaction fee–cheaper than those *other* marketplaces.

Artist 2 owns their own dot com website where they currently sell their wares but getting traffic to their websites is expensive and time consuming. Many owners of dot com websites opened shops on *other* marketplaces but it’s difficult to have enough original inventory to sell in two places. That’s where LolliShops is different–people with their own dot com websites will be able to fully participate on LolliShops and run a full boutique that helps funnel traffic back to your dot com. More details on that soon!

Artist 3 is our lovely consumer! LolliShops will offer so much more than just a place to shop. The marketplace is juried to maintain a specific look that appeals to a specific audience–that means NO CLUTTER! LolliShops will also support artists’ blogs, giveaways & swaps! This blog will be your gateway to special events, prizes, rewards, featured sellers, promotions and so much more! Make sure to bookmark for later and add it to your daily blog roll.


That’s it for today–thanks for visiting! Come back soon and don’t forget to share those scrumptious buttons in the side bar on your blogs–Thanks so much!

~Sadie Lou

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July 6, 2008

Save this blog for later or add it to your blog roll if you’re interested in becoming part of LolliShops, “The froufrou friendly market place!”

This blog will be your source for exciting updates, special guest artists and news! LolliShop features and promotions will be revealed right here!

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