I received Dana’s press kits for Moon Maiden Soaps & Sundries and I was so impressed by her packaging, I asked her to write an article for the blog about how she went about branding her product lines…

In order to stand out in a sea of competition, focus on branding and fluidity in packaging is essential. Where the big players can spend an enormous amount of time and money on branding, smaller businesses can really do wonders with branding by following a few simple principles.

Create a Look – Decide on the color scheme for your business. Ask yourself what kind of look and feel you want to impart. It is important to choose colors from a complementary color scheme in order to carry it through your all your packaging, company logo and promotional materials.

Design a Logo – What image would you like your customers to visualize when they think of you and your product? If you are unable to capture the imagery in your mind and translate it into something tangible you can work with, I strongly suggest developing a relationship with a graphic designer. There are several wonderful graphic design programs on the market today; and many more people trained to use them quickly and effectively. Having some ideas and conceptualizations laid out in advance will be very helpful for both you and your designer.

Decide on Product Presentation – How do you want to package your products? Packaging plays a very large role establishing fluidity and professional presentation. A little research goes a long way here; develop a “scrapbook” of examples by getting out there and looking at merchandising first hand. Insure that all your packaging solutions for your entire line compliment one another. Keep in mind also functionality and durability when selecting packaging styles.

Sadie Lou asked me to share a little bit about my experience with branding Moon Maiden Soap & Sundries and how I settled on my current style.

I began with my company name. Since my business is in the bath and body industry, it seemed appropriate to emphasize the delicate feminine side of women. I had chosen Moon Maiden to reflect the youthful beauty associated with the maiden aspect of the triple goddess figure from earth-based spirituality. From there I decided on the image of the maiden. She is from a copyright-free vintage postcard. I felt this maiden had the perfect feminine expression I wanted for my product presentation. Initially, I attempted to design my own product packaging. However, I quickly realized my limited skills with the graphics program and decided to seek the services of someone more qualified. Working with a graphic designer was quintessential to developing a fluid style for my line. I prepared a storyboard of what I wanted regarding color scheme and the maiden image, but just as importantly described how I named my business as well as some pertinent information about my background. Within a few days I was contacted with the first set of graphics to approve –I think being prepared for that initial meeting shortened the process considerably.

I order most of my packaging supplies through Nashville Wraps (www.nashvillewraps.com). They have a large selection and very low minimums which can be beneficial to small businesses. I order my labels through Online Labels.com (www.onlinelabels.com) as well as Creative Label Concepts (www.labelsbythesheet.com). Again, both have relatively low minimums and a large selection of label sizes to meet your needs.

Due to the small scale of my current printing needs, I opted to purchase a color laser printer and print the labels myself. It allows me to print as needed; and frees up upfront overhead costs and valuable storage space. I do have my business cards and literature printed professionally.

I do figure packaging costs into the pricing for my products. I keep a spreadsheet with a breakdown of cost per unit with supply sources listed for quick reference and future ordering.

I hope by sharing this little bit of insight, you too will be able to develop branding that is as unique and lovely as you and your wonderful handmade products are!

By Dana Eskes © 2008, All Rights Reserved

Proprietor, Moon Maiden Soap & Sundries

Moon Maiden Soap


Leah applied for a LolliShop last week and when I visited her shop, my eyes got very wide and I got very excited!
Leah is an artist whose medium is vintage chenille! Doesn’t that sound lovely? Oh, I assure you it is…

I asked Leah if I could feature her this weekend–I was seriously *proud* of this woman’s talents! (as if it had anything to do with me…)
She agreed and so I’d like to introduce you to Leah of Vintage Chenille…

I have always loved to create, especially scrap booking, cross stitch and patchwork. I have recently had baby No. 4 a girl!!! (after 3 boys) and that was the only excuse/inspiration I needed to get out that sewing machine and create
+++ I love collecting old buttons and buckles, ribbons, ric rac, lace, crochet flowers and of course vintage chenille. I have so many ideas and plans for the future of my small but expanding new business. I’m thrilled and very excited about the journey I am about to begin with LolliShops! ~Leah

You can get to know more about Leah and her creative side on her blog, so sweetly named, Handmade Bits & Pieces

~Sadie Lou

Have a Cupcake…

October 2, 2008

Yummy! Click on the mosaic for artist information and a close look at these creative confections! Each one of the artists are accepted LolliShops vendors!
~Sadie Lou

Artist: Bobbie Sanders
Website: Creative Life Diary since April 2008
Blog: Creative Life Diary
Flickr: HERE

I have been in love with all things handmade for as long as
I can remember. I enjoy working with a variety of creative
mediums. I am challenged by using the unusual or unexpected
and creating something others might enjoy.

I am currently working on an E-Book….”Repurposing”.
It is my hope to inspire creativity by taking once used
tossed away items and finding the beauty in
that item and making into something to be treasured again.

Teaching or instructing is dear to my heart. For several
years I gave workshops on my designs. And my hope is
that I can once again teach through my website and the
E-Books I hope to continue to produce.

Meeting people from all over has been so much fun. I look forward
to what the future holds here at LolliShops Guild. It
has been inspiring getting to know all of these talented women!
I can’t wait to see what’s down the road.

Happy First Day of Fall From LolliShops!!

~Sadie Lou

Please click this link to see the original mosaic and links to the artists

Hi Everyone!
Yes, I did have my big meeting yesterday and yes, it went well. I’ll be announcing some BIG NEWS next week (Monday?) due to some of the information I need to process over the weekend.
In the meantime,
Enjoy a weekend with these fabulous LolliShops vendors…

1. Cherry Crumb Pie–Detail, 2. DSCN5106, 3. little neighborhood, 4. Aphrodite Earrings, 5. Happy 7th Birthday, 6. messenger style rag bag, 7. Fairy Garden, 8. Polly Pockets Ringa Ringa Rosie Bracelet OOAK, 9. Pamper Me Bath Tea’s, 10. Raspberry MINI Muffin Soap, 11. The Murderess, 12. Chandelier Bubble Pendant, 13. Chocolate & Roses, 14. fairy moon garden, 15. Vintage Postcard Creations, 16. Celadon Garden, 17. Keepsake Box with Vintage Doll, 18. Super Tiny Mini Beaded Fairy Cupcakes!, 19. A SECRET PAST, 20. Hanging Mixed Media Teacup, 21. Lace Cake4, 22. Dreamsicle Lip Butter, 23. Shabby Cottage Chic Pumpkin, 24. Vintage pink boxes and earrings, 25. 1800’s antique Victorian button necklace, jewelry, 26. Snow Day Shadow Box~Gossamer Creations~, 27. F445, 28. 224_1, 29. doves 008, 30. Hello Lovely!, 31. june 7 015, 32. Sonata Necklace, 33. Felt Rose Brooch, 34. IMG_4669, 35. button garden canvas, 36. ella

I decided that every weekend, we will spend some time with a LolliShops vendor. Our very first weekend will be spent with Toni of Sugar Cookie Dolls.
I found Toni’s creations on Etsy quite some time ago. I hearted her shop. When I came up with the idea for a froufrou friendly marketplace, I instantly looked up Toni and contacted her. Toni’s creations are exactly the kind of sweet creations I think of when I think of “Elegant Whimsy”.
Glittery:: Delicious:: Frilly:: Foofy:: Sugary:: Desserts:: Pink:: Feminine:: Sweet!!
Here is a darling photo of Toni in her studio…
Doesn’t that look like an inspiring place to create?

I told Toni to pick out her three favorite pictures of her creations…

Toni says…

Hello to you from the magical world of Sugar Cookie Dolls!
My name is Toni Kelly & I handcraft a variety of whimsical fairies, angels, elves, bunnies, etc. – depending on my mood. I love to make pumpkin fairies for October. I always attach a rhinestone pink ribbon charm to those b/c Oct. is breast cancer awareness month & I’m a breast cancer survivor. I make it my business to remind as many women as possible to get a mammogram.

I am proud to call Toni a friend, fellow artisan and LolliShops Vendor!
I look forward to seeing more delicious goodies from Sugar Cookie Dolls!
~Sadie Lou

1. all work and no play, 2. simple collage – scarf, 3. 100_4163, 4. Pages 7 – 8, 5. Vintage Grace Collection, 6. Monogram Collage, 7. Little Garden Queen Bird, 8. I Shop Vintage, 9. The Sweet Shabby EyeCandy Ring, 10. Jody ( Med. stander) #1, 11. The dollhouse at Christmas, 12. More Pink Stuff, 13. DSCF1746c1, 14. Faux party cakes, 15. sisters atc, 16. Bunny-Love-Cake, 17. Miss-Bunny-Surprise, 18. 3 Little Bunnies, 19. “Dream” Mirror, 20. strawberry chocolate cupcake ornaments

Not everyone has a Flickr so not *ALL* the awesome talent will be represented in these mosaics but it sure gives a great visual of quality & magic and froufrou GOODNESS that will be present on LolliShops. All I can say is, we’re in Good Company!!
~Sadie Lou

Froufrou Meets Folk

August 1, 2008

One of my goals with LolliShops is to bridge gaps. On Monday I will discuss how LolliShops is bringing together the artists who sell on their own dot com websites and the artists who sell through a marketplace.
But today, we will discuss how LolliShops will close the gap between Folk & Froufrou.
To better illustrate the perfect blend of both styles, I have chosen the creations of Jenny Hernandez ~ The Polka Dot Pixie!

I asked Jenny to tell us what she loves about both styles and where she draws her inspiration from. Here is what she said (so sweetly)…

what I love about both folk/prim and froufrou:

I have always loved all things both nostalgic and feminine. Old fashioned violet talcum applied with a pink powder puff, ice cream eaten at a drug store counter with strawberry colored striped wallpaper in the background and Lena Horne on the jukebox, peach satin lining in a vintage suitcase… it’s that combination of the antique and the sweet that inspires me. There’s no better compliment than when a customer tells me that a piece that I have made brings back a good memory, or reminds them of someone they love. I think the naive simplicity of folk art allows artists to evoke sentimentally blended with that beautiful femininity seamlessly.

Besides being the perfect combination of both froufrou & folk, Jenny Hernandez really knows how to brand her business.
All the photographs she takes of her creations are consistent. When you see that faded, polka dotted paper,
you know who’s art you are looking at. This helps her on many levels–the most important one is people recognize it and if anyone else ever used her photos without permission or tried to pass them off as their own; people would know!
I also think it’s important when people are browsing through Jenny’s shop/ gallery. The viewer finds a mood or a feeling and then always associates that feeling with Jenny’s creations…

Just a side note here:
Not all folk is froufrou and froufrou reigns here at LolliShops–but there are artists out there that fit into both looks and I’m excited to be bring them on board!
~Sadie Lou
Find Jenny’s Creations (for now) (*wink*)
The Polka Dot Pixie