Romantic Inspirations:
Definition: Marked by expressions of love or affection; timeless. A particular influence of ephemera; of days gone by–a wistful approach to design that inspires a sense of “beauty with age”. Artists who claim specialty in this category will appeal to your emotions through their use of antiques, vintage elements and a Victorian color palate.

I just love the aged, timeless beauty of the creations that fall into the Romantic Inspirations category. As I was browsing the various images of creations, I felt like I was shopping in one store–the qualities of this particular category flow so seamlessly together. I can’t wait to browse this category on LolliShops!
~Sadie Lou


Definition: A tendency to indulge the senses in fancy; frivolity. The very example of froufrou and fuss! Delicate, velvety, rich or indulgent in it’s design. Artists who claim specialty in this category will appeal to those who enjoy the luster of imagination and the feeling of being lost in another time or place; an emphasis on a soft, feminine color palate.

So these are just a few creations I chose to represent the category of “Fanciful Creations”. I hope these little explanations are both useful and inspiring!
I think people are really going to enjoy browsing LolliShops by using these themed categories…
~Sadie Lou

Category: Elegant Whimsy

August 7, 2008

I get a few questions once in awhile concerning the Shop Category menu on the application. My idea with the shop categories is to give LolliShops a special way to search for shops & items.
When we set up our shops, we will choose a category that best describes what we sell (you can pick something other than what you chose on your application if you changed your mind). However, each item you list will have a category for you to choose also! So even if you chose Elegant Whimsy for your whole shop, you can still choose Romantic Inspirations for one of your creations.
Pretty nifty.
Here are some examples of creations that fall under the Elegant Whimsy category: