Blog Stats

October 6, 2008

Good Morning Ladies,
I hope you all had a refreshing weekend. I sure did! I wanted to share some exciting news with you. I joined a new website called Quantcast.
It’s a site that tracks your personal website.
I embedded some code on this blog to get some numbers and I was very excited by the results!

This tells us that here in the states, we average about 2.3 thousand visitors per month.
Globally, it’s a little more at 2.9

Altogether, that’s around 5 thousand unique visits per month!
This stat is really amazing! Addicts only make up 1% of the audience for our blog. 75% of our audience is passers-by and 25% is regulars.

I found this information very comfortable. “passers-by” to me, equates- potential buyers and they definitely outweigh the vendors in this diagram. All of this traffic is generated *before* our ads in Somerset Life–this all traffic coming from our blogs and word-of-mouth. We’ve done a good job spreading the word!

Okay, now for the last graph–this information was really interesting. This is our demographic. I hope you all find this as useful as I did:

This pretty much confirms a lot of the guesswork I was doing. Now, I just installed this tracker so the information will continue to get more and more detailed. I’ll keep sharing it with you as I gather up new information–they have other categories they’ll measure as soon as they get more data.
~Sadie Lou