Weekend Artist…Beth Quinn

October 3, 2008

I first saw the work of Beth Quinn when someone told me she was having a giveaway on her Blog. I entered and I won!!
It was a beautiful necklace that had a heart inside a glass marble. It read “She loves Christmas”. I loved it so much, I bought one for a friend except hers read, “Junk Collector”.
I actually was lucky enough to win another of Beth’s giveaways–this one was a nice lot of yummy craft supplies. I have enjoyed it so much–it’s all gone.
To say that beth’s creativity and expertise is unlimited is an understatement–she has many facets to her talents.

Beth Says…

Where she creates art and jewelry….. My business was founded on this phrase … I love creating things with vintage trinkets and found objects to honor the She’s in our lives. I guess that is why I have a love for incorporating words into my jewelry along with anything vintage!!!
I also enjoy creating art pieces inspired by being a woman and experiencing life. We all have so many hopes and dreams and it’s so fun to create artwork and jewelry around this theme. I am so happy to not only love what I do but to also have it be my business. I am also truly blessed to be a part of this wonderful community of women who are inspired to create and share their passions with others.


Have a Cupcake…

October 2, 2008

Yummy! Click on the mosaic for artist information and a close look at these creative confections! Each one of the artists are accepted LolliShops vendors!
~Sadie Lou

LolliShops will be sporting a trend in accessories known as “Lolita”.

It appeals to me because of all the pink, ruffles, fluff, froufrou and sugary sweet dessert-inspired jewelry.
You can click on the mosaic for vendor information and photo credits.
Wikipedia defines this trend like this…

Lolita is a fashion subculture in Japan that is primarily influenced by Victorian children’s clothing as well as costumes from the Rococo period. Lolita has made this into a unique fashion by adding gothic and original design elements to the look. From this, Lolita fashion has evolved into several different sub styles and has created a devoted subculture in Japan. The Lolita look consists primarily of a knee length skirt or dress, headdress, blouse, petticoat, knee length socks or stockings and rocking horse or high heel/platform shoes. Teddy bears and dolls such as Super Dollfies are often carried to emphasize the childlike look.

Now, while I can’t imagine grown women going to the grocery store in platform heels and a Baby Doll, I do think we can add in some sweet accessories to our wardrobe. A set of LolliPop Earrings or a Mini Birthday cake on your finger is a fun way to play with the Lolita look without committing to the whole costume.
(If you do want to entertain the full Lolita look, I love the fashions at Anna House)
Vendors who create jewelry & accessories with this trend in mind will be using the tag “Lolita” in their listings so don’t forget to keyword that tag when LolliShops goes live! Lolita Creation will fit into the category, “Elegant Whimsy”.

LolliShops is expecting to be in its Beta Testing phase on November 15th
and will have an official launch on November 28th!
~Sadie Lou

Artist: Bobbie Sanders
Website: Creative Life Diary since April 2008
Blog: Creative Life Diary
Flickr: HERE

I have been in love with all things handmade for as long as
I can remember. I enjoy working with a variety of creative
mediums. I am challenged by using the unusual or unexpected
and creating something others might enjoy.

I am currently working on an E-Book….”Repurposing”.
It is my hope to inspire creativity by taking once used
tossed away items and finding the beauty in
that item and making into something to be treasured again.

Teaching or instructing is dear to my heart. For several
years I gave workshops on my designs. And my hope is
that I can once again teach through my website and the
E-Books I hope to continue to produce.

Meeting people from all over has been so much fun. I look forward
to what the future holds here at LolliShops Guild. It
has been inspiring getting to know all of these talented women!
I can’t wait to see what’s down the road.

LolliShops Needs You!

September 24, 2008

LolliShops needs help from you. If you’re reading this blog post–you are qualified to assist us!
I just finished writing the TOS for LolliShops and now I am moving on to the FAQ.
We need your questions!
I realize some of the questions will come *after* LolliShops goes live but what are your burning questions for LolliShops, now?
For example:

Why is LolliShops a juried website?


What does “froufrou friendly” mean?

Your questions are welcomed! Just leave a comment with your question(s). I’ll be posting the FAQ at a later time with all the answers!
In other news,
I have another meeting with the web team today! I think I’m going to bring my camera and take pictures of them for you…
I’ll also try to do an update tonight or tomorrow before we go into the weekend.
Thanks for your help!
~Sadie Lou
(the product in the photo is from Renegade Rose)

Happy First Day of Fall From LolliShops!!

~Sadie Lou

Please click this link to see the original mosaic and links to the artists

A Weekend With…Savor

September 19, 2008

What would it be like to smell like Creme Brulee?
How would you feel showering with a dollop of Creme Fraiche? What is it?

“In culinary terms, it means fresh cream — as a soap, it is a fluffy, thick whipped soap that is perfect for making an ordinary shower into a pampering, indulgent experience.”

Oh my, YES!!

“Savor grew out of a love for cooking — each bar of soap is planned out recipe-style — and each creation is infused with a love for natural and exotic ingredients. I started selling in October 2007. My line began with elegant soaps, then I introduced bath salts and some lotions, and finally a fun, whipped soap I call creme fraiche (for fresh cream). I love to consult cookbooks for my inspiration — I love to have soaps that are so tempting and decadent you feel totally pampered by them.

“I produce 75-100 pounds of soap a week, and have a steady wholesale business — the wholesale portion of Savor is thriving like I would have never thought possible! Online sales have been fantastic, and the customers I’ve met have been the best. I couldn’t be more pleased with the people I’ve met through Savor.”

“Savor takes up about 40 hours per week of my time, and I work a full time job at a company in downtown San Francisco as well. It takes balance, but it’s important to me that my family and our future is provided for. To keep the business growing, I focus on advertising, product innovation, and keeping my lovely customers as happy as can be :)”

There is nothing I love more than a business woman that goes after her dream. I *LOVE* it!!
You can find more scrumptious luxury here:
Savor on Flickr
Savor online
I know a few people that will be getting some of this for Christmas…

~Sadie Lou

Those “Cello Baggies”…

September 16, 2008

What a great response to yesterday’s promotional opportunity! I am so beyond thrilled that I will have all these wonderful goodies to give to people at Silver Bella!!
Even though LolliShops won’t be open yet, nobody will walk away from my booth without knowing that it’s coming and that it will be the very best place to shop!!
By then, I’ll be able to bring my laptop and show potential vendors and shoppers some very cool teasers–did I tell you that this Wednesday is the day I pick out the design?!! I told my Web Team all the lovely things I want for LolliShops and I even brought in an Inspiration Board for them to get ideas–
They are creating three different “looks” for LolliShops and I get to pick one of them! This is the most exciting choice yet! (I’ll ask them if I can show you which one we’re going with)

Okay, real quick…the question I got the most about the Press Kits was about those cellophane bags.

Here are a couple pictures of what I’m talking about…

Those bags are for sale at Pink Rose Pastries
She’s a LolliShops Vendor!
The smaller bags measure 3.5″ x 2″ x 7.5″, and the larger bags measure 4″ x 2.5″ x 9.5″.
Either one of those sizes are perfect–but nothing bigger.
Thanks so much!!
~Sadie Lou

Silver Bella Press Kits

September 15, 2008

Hi Ladies!
I have a sweet proposition for you! Some of you might be very interested in this. As many of you know, I’ll be going to Silver Bella this November to promote LolliShops! (psst…Mary Englebreit will be there!!)
I have been making inventory to have something to sell besides just promoting LolliShops and I had this great idea! I could bring some press kits from LolliShops vendors!!
That way, I’m representing Sadie Lou Who, LolliShops and YOU!
I’m going to limit this opportunity to just 50 vendors. So if you think you might be interested, here are the details:

Cost for shipping and handling: $10.00 (I have to mail all my booth decorations and inventory to the hotel in Omaha, Nebraska before the event)
Press Kit Guidelines/ Ideas
Promotional materials to represent your business–
* Business Cards
* Stickers
* A couple samples–this could be anything, ATC, Mini Collage, trial size, supply pack
* Photos of your work
* Mini Notebook
* Magnets
* Vintage Goodies
All of this should be packaged in cello baggies: Limit= 10 baggies per vendor

I will give these Press Kits away with purchases or to ladies who sign up with LolliShops. Your name will go out to 10 lucky people at Silver Bella without you even attending!
If you don’t have any promotional materials, one of our LolliShops vendors, Kitty Cross Bones makes promotional items at a very reasonable price and she has made some Press Kit listings on her website:
To secure your place as one of the 50 vendors, simply email me at lollishops@gmail
Then as soon as payment comes through, I’ll reserve your place. I’ll provide you with my PayPal email when you email me.
I think this is a great opportunity!
~Sadie Lou

Talk about your eye candy…
I recently confessed to Roxie that I am fully in love with her website. Roxie makes something we all want. Something we all must have this holiday season!
I’m purchasing a couple strands of these for my Silver Bella booth this November…aren’t they delicious?

Those are the “Pink” Candylights by Jorabeel’s

I know you’re dying to meet the genius behind the bulb so…

Hi, my name is Roxie Morrow, owner and designer of Candylights by Jorabeel’s.
I’ve been hand dipping bulbs and light strands for 3 years and get inspired daily by the many creative women entrepreneurs out there.
I have many goals for my business, one of which is to see Candylights in stores.
I love everything feminine, anything eye candy, and all things PINK!
Candylights are both fun and functional at the same time. Pretty pastel light confections make your home beautiful and your Holidays shine!
I hope to add many more colors and scents as I am continuously receiving customer requests and recommendations.
I am having so much fun playing and truly making Candylights a “sweet” “bright” notion to your life.
My favorite quote of all time: HOPE is the DREAM of a soul AWAKE.

I love that last picture! Those are the individual bulbs. I love that these bulbs are not just for the holidays but you can enjoy them all the time–wouldn’t it be romantic in your bedroom?
I just want to eat them.
Roxie has another website called Business in the Bag where she helps people brand their businesses…

You can also get to know Roxie better this weekend by visiting her BLOG!
Have a great weekend everyone…
~Sadie Lou