New Word: Mom-prenuers

October 20, 2008

So ladies, since we have our own “LolliLanguage” we’ve been speaking…
I thought we could also learn a few, new words that help promote our crafty businesses!
Today’s word is Mom-prenuers”. This word comes to us from the Tip Junkie!
It basically means you’re a mom-owned business and the Tip Junkie blog has a really easy and inexpensive way to advertise for the holidays! You’ll find LolliShops is already on there!
She has set up a special Holiday Shop-a-Thon section of her blog.
If you have taken the handmade pledge in the past and you’re going to shop handmade this Christmas, then you could check out these links! (Of course we’ll all be LolliShopping this Christmas too!) If you see something you like, you could always give them a nudge apply for a LolliShop.
If you have never been to Tip Junkie before, I’ll tell you what to expect! She has blog posts that have crafty tips and tutorials, blog posts announcing blog giveaways and I loved this post on Couple Themed Halloween Costumes!
So go check it out–and tell ’em LolliShops sent ya!
And don’t forget to invite your friends to apply for a LolliShop
Here’s the link for the application
Also, I keep track of incoming links and referrals to this blog… I have another special prize in the works!
~Sadie Lou


Those “Cello Baggies”…

September 16, 2008

What a great response to yesterday’s promotional opportunity! I am so beyond thrilled that I will have all these wonderful goodies to give to people at Silver Bella!!
Even though LolliShops won’t be open yet, nobody will walk away from my booth without knowing that it’s coming and that it will be the very best place to shop!!
By then, I’ll be able to bring my laptop and show potential vendors and shoppers some very cool teasers–did I tell you that this Wednesday is the day I pick out the design?!! I told my Web Team all the lovely things I want for LolliShops and I even brought in an Inspiration Board for them to get ideas–
They are creating three different “looks” for LolliShops and I get to pick one of them! This is the most exciting choice yet! (I’ll ask them if I can show you which one we’re going with)

Okay, real quick…the question I got the most about the Press Kits was about those cellophane bags.

Here are a couple pictures of what I’m talking about…

Those bags are for sale at Pink Rose Pastries
She’s a LolliShops Vendor!
The smaller bags measure 3.5″ x 2″ x 7.5″, and the larger bags measure 4″ x 2.5″ x 9.5″.
Either one of those sizes are perfect–but nothing bigger.
Thanks so much!!
~Sadie Lou

Silver Bella Press Kits

September 15, 2008

Hi Ladies!
I have a sweet proposition for you! Some of you might be very interested in this. As many of you know, I’ll be going to Silver Bella this November to promote LolliShops! (psst…Mary Englebreit will be there!!)
I have been making inventory to have something to sell besides just promoting LolliShops and I had this great idea! I could bring some press kits from LolliShops vendors!!
That way, I’m representing Sadie Lou Who, LolliShops and YOU!
I’m going to limit this opportunity to just 50 vendors. So if you think you might be interested, here are the details:

Cost for shipping and handling: $10.00 (I have to mail all my booth decorations and inventory to the hotel in Omaha, Nebraska before the event)
Press Kit Guidelines/ Ideas
Promotional materials to represent your business–
* Business Cards
* Stickers
* A couple samples–this could be anything, ATC, Mini Collage, trial size, supply pack
* Photos of your work
* Mini Notebook
* Magnets
* Vintage Goodies
All of this should be packaged in cello baggies: Limit= 10 baggies per vendor

I will give these Press Kits away with purchases or to ladies who sign up with LolliShops. Your name will go out to 10 lucky people at Silver Bella without you even attending!
If you don’t have any promotional materials, one of our LolliShops vendors, Kitty Cross Bones makes promotional items at a very reasonable price and she has made some Press Kit listings on her website:
To secure your place as one of the 50 vendors, simply email me at lollishops@gmail
Then as soon as payment comes through, I’ll reserve your place. I’ll provide you with my PayPal email when you email me.
I think this is a great opportunity!
~Sadie Lou