We’ve Moved!

October 26, 2008

After much hemming & hawing, I have decided I can’t live with WordPress anymore and I moved the LolliShops Blog to Blogger.
Please update your links…
Come & See!
The New & Improved LolliShops Blog

~Sadie Lou


Ladder Full of Friends

October 15, 2008

Bobbie sent me this story and asked if she could post it on her blog. After reading it, I wanted to be sure lots of you were able to read it. So, here’s Bobbie’s story…enjoy!

To my LolliShop Friends:

Beginning on September 8, 2008, the day I joined the LolliShops Guild

..I wondered how long it would take for me to make 100 friends….seemed like

a lot to me!! I mean there were nearly 600 or more members when I joined. I was sure it would be months!!

So I kept track by using an old Chutes & Ladders game board. I thought it would be fun to watch my circle of

friends grow or climb the ladder to 100.

Who is that in the first box, well that’s our “Sadie Lou” that’s Who! Notice she’s

planting the seeds to grow the business! 🙂 he,he Last week, October 8th my LolliShops Friends Ladder ……reached 100..funny…one

month to the day!! My plan in the beginning was to contact my 100th friend…share my “Ladder of

Friends” story and send them a little something special. It would be sort of like a giveaway in reverse…nobody knew what I was planning.

But then, how fair is that to all my friends who had been hanging onto the ladder while I was waiting for number 100.

So I had a drawing, everyone of my friends (expect #100) were placed in a hat and one was pulled out!!

So I have two winners. Judy Mullins was number 100!! Bettye, inc. was the winner of the drawing!! I have a couple of April Cornell Fabric bags with some fall treats to send them.

This has been a lot of fun. The positive attitudes that the members here at LolliShops Guild are so encouraging and welcoming its no

wonder I filled up my ladder in just one month!!! Just image what the future holds!!!

How sweet is that?
I remember telling Lori Karla at the beginning of summer, that I wanted to create a marketplace where we could sell our creations, vintage & supplies–yes–but more importantly, where like minded artists could support one another. A marketplace that was community driven–not based on competition. This story encourages me that we are headed in that direction with LolliShops–it’s been a sweet ride so far.
~Sadie Lou

LolliShops Information

October 7, 2008

Remember that game we used to play called “Telephone”? The players would sit in a circle and one person would think of a made up sentence and then whisper it to the person next to them. Then that person would whisper it to the next person and so on and so forth through the whole circle. Eventually, it comes back to the person who made it up and usually, the sentence is completely altered.
Somewhere along the line, the information gets distorted.

Well, we see this happen in everyday life too. I have seen it happen with LolliShops! People email me questions about all sorts of wacky information they picked up out there in the blogsphere!

Here’s the straight scoop— *wink* (that’s a LolliShops term, by the way)

The fee structure has changed from the Etsy model to a better one but those secrets are being shared with vendors privately on our forums. If you are an accepted vendor, you had an invite to the forums in your acceptance letter. If you lost it, please email me at lollishops@gmail.com

There has already been a sign up for a co-op ad in Somerset Life magazine publication that will be coming out in a color, full page ad in January.

The beta launch date is scheduled for the 15th of November and the Official date for everyone is November 28th.

If you have any questions concerning your acceptance, I will be creating a special email account so I can send out group emails for the month of October & November–I will be notifying you through the email you provided in your application.
If you were accepted but no longer wish to participate or receive emails, please do not mark my email as spam but rather, send me an email asking me to please take you off our list.

Thank you-Have a great evening–*watch the presidential debates tonight!*
~Sadie Lou

Blog Stats

October 6, 2008

Good Morning Ladies,
I hope you all had a refreshing weekend. I sure did! I wanted to share some exciting news with you. I joined a new website called Quantcast.
It’s a site that tracks your personal website.
I embedded some code on this blog to get some numbers and I was very excited by the results!

This tells us that here in the states, we average about 2.3 thousand visitors per month.
Globally, it’s a little more at 2.9

Altogether, that’s around 5 thousand unique visits per month!
This stat is really amazing! Addicts only make up 1% of the audience for our blog. 75% of our audience is passers-by and 25% is regulars.

I found this information very comfortable. “passers-by” to me, equates- potential buyers and they definitely outweigh the vendors in this diagram. All of this traffic is generated *before* our ads in Somerset Life–this all traffic coming from our blogs and word-of-mouth. We’ve done a good job spreading the word!

Okay, now for the last graph–this information was really interesting. This is our demographic. I hope you all find this as useful as I did:

This pretty much confirms a lot of the guesswork I was doing. Now, I just installed this tracker so the information will continue to get more and more detailed. I’ll keep sharing it with you as I gather up new information–they have other categories they’ll measure as soon as they get more data.
~Sadie Lou

LolliShops Needs You!

September 24, 2008

LolliShops needs help from you. If you’re reading this blog post–you are qualified to assist us!
I just finished writing the TOS for LolliShops and now I am moving on to the FAQ.
We need your questions!
I realize some of the questions will come *after* LolliShops goes live but what are your burning questions for LolliShops, now?
For example:

Why is LolliShops a juried website?


What does “froufrou friendly” mean?

Your questions are welcomed! Just leave a comment with your question(s). I’ll be posting the FAQ at a later time with all the answers!
In other news,
I have another meeting with the web team today! I think I’m going to bring my camera and take pictures of them for you…
I’ll also try to do an update tonight or tomorrow before we go into the weekend.
Thanks for your help!
~Sadie Lou
(the product in the photo is from Renegade Rose)

I have exciting news!!
Heather Bluhm of Bluhm Studios is offering a special for LolliShops vendors.

*****The Deal*****

A LolliShops banner and avatar (either coordinated to banner or modified picture supplied by vendor)
for $30, regularly $45.
Custom business cards added to the package: $40 (1 side) $50 (2 side) regularly $50/ $65.
Mention code “Lollishopper” in email for special pricing. Valid until September 30th, 2008.
Contact Heather by clicking this button:

Or you can email her directly at heatherbluhm@yahoo.com

If you can’t do this limited time offer right now, Heather will be a vendor and the in-house designer for LolliShops, so you will have a chance to buy business cards, blog design and other design needs.
But if you want to check “Make a Banner” off your check list, now is the time!
I want to see your banners too, so make sure you upload them to the Flickr Pool and the Guild!
~Sadie Lou

Other News…
The winner of Laura Bray’s Elegant Whimsy contest was Patti of 7 Rose Petal Path
Congrats! Laura needs your address so she can send you your prize!

LolliShops Vendor Check List

September 8, 2008

I’ve seen a few accepted vendors *wishing* they could start preparing their shops. Well, while i can’t grant you that particular wish, we can start preparing for our LolliShops on our own!
I created this check list so that you can go through and tick off what you already have and what still needs to be done.

Pick your LolliShops Name: make sure you already know what your shop will be called

Create your 760 by 100 Shop Banner

Create your LolliShops Icon/ avatar (100 by 100)

Write & Save your Shop Policies

Write your Shop Profile (includes one photo)

Listings: Photograph your inventory and write & save your descriptions

Make sure your PayPal account is set up-order your debit card *optional

Brand Your Shop! Color Schemes, Packaging, Photos

Build Up Inventory! (who wants to open with an empty shop?)

Start Networking with other LolliShop Vendors! (Blogging, FaceBook, MySpace, Flickr)

Set Up a Flickr Account *optional

Join the Guild

Build that Light Box! Winter is coming…

So that’s about it. Feel free to copy that check list and add it to your desk top to refer back to.
If anyone else has any other suggestions, share them in the comments section!
Have a great day! ( I have another meeting with the developers on Wednesday!)
~Sadie Lou

Hi Everyone!
Yes, I did have my big meeting yesterday and yes, it went well. I’ll be announcing some BIG NEWS next week (Monday?) due to some of the information I need to process over the weekend.
In the meantime,
Enjoy a weekend with these fabulous LolliShops vendors…

1. Cherry Crumb Pie–Detail, 2. DSCN5106, 3. little neighborhood, 4. Aphrodite Earrings, 5. Happy 7th Birthday, 6. messenger style rag bag, 7. Fairy Garden, 8. Polly Pockets Ringa Ringa Rosie Bracelet OOAK, 9. Pamper Me Bath Tea’s, 10. Raspberry MINI Muffin Soap, 11. The Murderess, 12. Chandelier Bubble Pendant, 13. Chocolate & Roses, 14. fairy moon garden, 15. Vintage Postcard Creations, 16. Celadon Garden, 17. Keepsake Box with Vintage Doll, 18. Super Tiny Mini Beaded Fairy Cupcakes!, 19. A SECRET PAST, 20. Hanging Mixed Media Teacup, 21. Lace Cake4, 22. Dreamsicle Lip Butter, 23. Shabby Cottage Chic Pumpkin, 24. Vintage pink boxes and earrings, 25. 1800’s antique Victorian button necklace, jewelry, 26. Snow Day Shadow Box~Gossamer Creations~, 27. F445, 28. 224_1, 29. doves 008, 30. Hello Lovely!, 31. june 7 015, 32. Sonata Necklace, 33. Felt Rose Brooch, 34. IMG_4669, 35. button garden canvas, 36. ella

I have a big meeting with the Web Developers today at 1:00pm, which is just a couple hours away. I admit, I have butterflies in my tummy.
I’ll try to update today but it might get done tomorrow morning.
My mood today: EXCITED!!
~Sadie Lou

New Web Team!

August 20, 2008

Do you want to hear a big scary secret?
I’m willing to tell it now because we are in the clear and we’re safe… but guess what?
The first web programming team I was working with and I, parted ways last Thursday.
I was really freaking out for about half of the day on Thursday but I prayed for a miracle and I got one–or I should say *WE* got one.
I am a stay-at-home mom with three children and I have a husband that I *LOVE* to spend time with so searching for a new web programming team sounds way too overwhelming and time consuming. In other words, it was like looking for a needle in a giant haystack.
I called some local programmers and left some messages and my husband called our web design friend, Mike, to see if he had any contacts.
Well, we both got the same answer:
So I called them.
Their office is seriously, 5 minutes up the road from me.
They answered the phone! (this is original in the programming world)
I got a face-to-face meeting with them on Friday!!
It went swimmingly! I *LOVE* the whole team at Velocity 7! I want to make them all into little dolls and stick them in my pockets and have them with me forever!
So, the BIG SCARY SECRET was that LolliShops was without a tech crew for about 24 hours but miraculously… LolliShops has one again. I met with them again yesterday and everything fell into place. (They have GIRLS on staff too and they are beyond excited about working with me-they love LolliShops too)
We lost some time, girls.
Let’s not put all our eggs in one basket and count on a Halloweenish deadline, OKAY?
Let’s just keep making delicious goodies with the anticipation that LolliShops is going to be SOOOO worth the wait and in the meantime, we get to get to know each other through the Guild and we get to get our photographs better and learn some new techniques and we get to go through this together!
I will say this: We are shooting for a launch *BEFORE* Christmas.
The Beta Testing group will be on even *BEFORE* that, so we’re not that far behind schedule.
*big hugs*
I’m actually now ready to hear your feedback…lay it on me!