Ladder Full of Friends

October 15, 2008

Bobbie sent me this story and asked if she could post it on her blog. After reading it, I wanted to be sure lots of you were able to read it. So, here’s Bobbie’s story…enjoy!

To my LolliShop Friends:

Beginning on September 8, 2008, the day I joined the LolliShops Guild

..I wondered how long it would take for me to make 100 friends….seemed like

a lot to me!! I mean there were nearly 600 or more members when I joined. I was sure it would be months!!

So I kept track by using an old Chutes & Ladders game board. I thought it would be fun to watch my circle of

friends grow or climb the ladder to 100.

Who is that in the first box, well that’s our “Sadie Lou” that’s Who! Notice she’s

planting the seeds to grow the business! 🙂 he,he Last week, October 8th my LolliShops Friends Ladder ……reached 100..funny…one

month to the day!! My plan in the beginning was to contact my 100th friend…share my “Ladder of

Friends” story and send them a little something special. It would be sort of like a giveaway in reverse…nobody knew what I was planning.

But then, how fair is that to all my friends who had been hanging onto the ladder while I was waiting for number 100.

So I had a drawing, everyone of my friends (expect #100) were placed in a hat and one was pulled out!!

So I have two winners. Judy Mullins was number 100!! Bettye, inc. was the winner of the drawing!! I have a couple of April Cornell Fabric bags with some fall treats to send them.

This has been a lot of fun. The positive attitudes that the members here at LolliShops Guild are so encouraging and welcoming its no

wonder I filled up my ladder in just one month!!! Just image what the future holds!!!

How sweet is that?
I remember telling Lori Karla at the beginning of summer, that I wanted to create a marketplace where we could sell our creations, vintage & supplies–yes–but more importantly, where like minded artists could support one another. A marketplace that was community driven–not based on competition. This story encourages me that we are headed in that direction with LolliShops–it’s been a sweet ride so far.
~Sadie Lou


25 Responses to “Ladder Full of Friends”

  1. Judy Says:

    Hey, thanks loads, This is my first win on the internet. I am thrilled. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  2. Lori Says:

    what a great story:) i remember when you first shared your vision with me…and look how it has grown!!! a guild of 700+ strong with more members added every day…and opening day one month away!!! i am SO proud of you Sadie Lou and all of the wonderful things you are doing to make LolliShops a success!!!

  3. naomi Says:

    So Sweet, love it!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. jessi nagy Says:

    what a fantastic story,
    and fabulous idea.

  5. Bobbie…
    Love your “Ladder” of LolliFriends!
    I’m not surprised you made 100 friends so quickly, you are so very sweet!
    Thanks friend…

  6. This is just the cutest idea! I adore it!
    How super super sweet!I can hardly wait!

    Sadie KUDOS TO YOU!I love this terrific idea Sadie what a Tremendous endeavor and constant creativity! You are a Creative SPIRIT leader and this so feeds the soul …especially of women and who better to nourish the soul of the Universe so My dear Sadie you are beyond AWESOME!

  7. Tina Says:

    I really love the concept, Sadie. Aside from adoring the LolliShop’s visuals — they make me feel like a girl at a tea party again — I have watched a bit the sense of comraderie you all seem to have formed. Climbing the ladder is no fun, IMO, if you have to step on the hands of the person below you while ascending the rungs. It should be in a way that one can feel good about, with mutual support and kindness. And let’s not forget fun. 🙂

    I really can’t wait until the shops open!

  8. Dana Says:

    What a truly sweet and thoughtful thing to do … I’m so glad you shared this with us! 🙂

  9. ohh that is soo cute! what a great idea! ive been working on my getting to know people when i have time but since the storm ive been super duper busy. and now were moving! I am hoping by christmas I am able to get on the forum and talk and get to know everyone I miss it so much!! but this was a cute and great idea to keep up with people! big hugs

    gypsy mermaid

  10. Alisa R. Says:

    GREAT story! How fun! 🙂

    Yes, I can already feel that community vibe within the guild. It’s so very encouraging, and at a time when I really needed it.
    Thanks to one and all!

  11. Barbara Says:

    What a fun and exciting game!

  12. Tracy Says:

    Very creative!Yea!!100 friends and going strong!

  13. Brigitte Says:

    How adorable and sweet! I can see my icon in one of those photos too ^____^

  14. oh my goodness! You are a lollishop sweetheart!

  15. lollishopsblog Says:

    I know! When Bobbie sent me this story–I thought it was so sweet and heart warming! I want this sort of community spirit to be the common thread on LolliShops–a bond!

  16. joybucket Says:

    Great idea. Hey, look I’m #11!

  17. Heidi Says:

    Okay, Bobbie’s got it going on for sure! What a sweet heart! Heidi

  18. What a wonderful idea! So glad that I was included as one of your 100! You’re a doll!!
    Best wishes, Chris

  19. amber Says:

    This is an AWESOME post. I am so glad I founf you ALL!

  20. Katie Says:

    What a wonderful post!

  21. Brenda Says:

    thats a great story and how creative to use a chutes and ladders game to mark it!

  22. oldladybern Says:

    That’s really sweet!!!!
    I hope by now you have many hundreds of friends!

  23. Becs Says:

    That is really cool! Love how you did that! ANd congrats to the winners…Becs

  24. Mariah Says:

    That’s so totally sweet! I love the finished board, how cute! Thanks for sharing! xoxoxox

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