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October 6, 2008

Good Morning Ladies,
I hope you all had a refreshing weekend. I sure did! I wanted to share some exciting news with you. I joined a new website called Quantcast.
It’s a site that tracks your personal website.
I embedded some code on this blog to get some numbers and I was very excited by the results!

This tells us that here in the states, we average about 2.3 thousand visitors per month.
Globally, it’s a little more at 2.9

Altogether, that’s around 5 thousand unique visits per month!
This stat is really amazing! Addicts only make up 1% of the audience for our blog. 75% of our audience is passers-by and 25% is regulars.

I found this information very comfortable. “passers-by” to me, equates- potential buyers and they definitely outweigh the vendors in this diagram. All of this traffic is generated *before* our ads in Somerset Life–this all traffic coming from our blogs and word-of-mouth. We’ve done a good job spreading the word!

Okay, now for the last graph–this information was really interesting. This is our demographic. I hope you all find this as useful as I did:

This pretty much confirms a lot of the guesswork I was doing. Now, I just installed this tracker so the information will continue to get more and more detailed. I’ll keep sharing it with you as I gather up new information–they have other categories they’ll measure as soon as they get more data.
~Sadie Lou


13 Responses to “Blog Stats”

  1. Bobbie Says:

    That is all so interesting and the numbers are amazing..I love looking at stats…. Just image the Monthly Traffic after the website is up and running, not to mention when the ad hits the stands. It is all so exciting. Thanks for sharing the information.

  2. Pam Says:

    Great data there Sadie Lou ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. naomi Says:

    So interesting and good to know. Just curious, how do they gather age and income info?

  4. Lori Says:

    thanks for sharing the info Sadie Lou, it is interesting to see who is watching us!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. lollishopsblog Says:

    I seriously have no clue as to how they measure this data. It has something to do with the IP address one uses to browse the internet with–it seems accurate though–look at our target audience, it’s exactly what I figured it would be.

  6. Lani Says:

    how interesting…thanks for sharing!

  7. LuAnn Says:

    Wow, congratulations Sadie. You’ve come a long way in a very short period time. Good for you!

  8. Amanda Says:

    That is awesome! It’s wonderful how it’s grown in a relatively short amount of time! Congratulations!

  9. Maisy Says:

    HOLY COW!!! Sadie, you totally rock!!! x

  10. Dee Says:

    This is fantabulous!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Brandy Says:

    Hey Sadie…those are awesome, and soooo helpful.
    I’ve got a question though, yesterday on Etsy someone posted an eerily similar version of Etsy’s stats…almost identical in all the numbers. Etsy quite often has been called a place to find cheap things. Not something any of us want to be known for…but rather for high quality and lovingly made.
    My question is how will you be targeting a buying audience that has more disposable income? Right now, the traffic to Etsy(like lollishops)is making up to $60,000.00 per year. Wouldn’t part of us being upscale/high end art/craft be promoting us to an audience that makes more money?
    And please don’t get me wrong anybody, I know you are working on an increadible amount of marketing…meanwhile Etsy does nothing. You have my highest aplause!!!!
    Just asking a sincere question is all.

  12. pamela Says:

    It’s been said before and will be said againโ€”
    you rock Sadie!


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