LolliShops Needs You!

September 24, 2008

LolliShops needs help from you. If you’re reading this blog post–you are qualified to assist us!
I just finished writing the TOS for LolliShops and now I am moving on to the FAQ.
We need your questions!
I realize some of the questions will come *after* LolliShops goes live but what are your burning questions for LolliShops, now?
For example:

Why is LolliShops a juried website?


What does “froufrou friendly” mean?

Your questions are welcomed! Just leave a comment with your question(s). I’ll be posting the FAQ at a later time with all the answers!
In other news,
I have another meeting with the web team today! I think I’m going to bring my camera and take pictures of them for you…
I’ll also try to do an update tonight or tomorrow before we go into the weekend.
Thanks for your help!
~Sadie Lou
(the product in the photo is from Renegade Rose)


48 Responses to “LolliShops Needs You!”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    I can’t wait to start here, but I was wanting to know, Will paypal be linked to this site, mean when I sell something, will a link take me to my paypal account?

    Also how much longer before we start? It is like Christmas

  2. Ambrea Says:

    Hopefully no one would ever need this, but it came to mind:

    Does LolliShops administration Moderate when a conflict comes to an impasse between Customer and Vendor?

  3. Jill Says:

    How will our personal pages be set up? Will they be customised or generally all the same? Will we be able to add more than one photo? And will there be a feedback system? Oh, and will there be a counter on our sale pages so we can get an idea of traffic?

  4. talula bourdon Says:

    Hi Sadie Lou,

    You are doing a fabulous job getting everything ready! My question is, how many artists are going to be able to sell on this site? I was under the impression that a “juried” site, limits the types or styles of certain items to only “X” amount of artists. As of this date, there are almost 500 members of Lollishops. Are you expecting that many sellers? Also, will the types of items sold be broken down into categories, i.e. jewelry, etc…

    Thanks for your answers!

  5. How will the search engine work? How will the tags work – and will we have to load them in every time.
    How much of our Product descriptions, tags, materials,etc will we be able to save – will we have to load in this info new every time?

  6. Brandie Pahl Says:

    This might not be frequently asked but I wondered if historical, romantic, storybook inspired children’s clothing would fit any of the categories. I am in the process of launching a girl’s clothing line and would love to know if there might be a place for clothing on this site in the future. I do consider some of my designs that I am currently working on to be “fanciful creations” 😉 Thanks for any feedback!

  7. Here are my questions:

    Will Lollishops implement a feedback system?

    How will Lollishops promote their website?

    How many pictures of each item are allowed per listing?

    Will there be way to rearrange the items in our shop without relisting?

    Will there be a way to mark your favorite vendors or items?

    That’s all for now!

  8. Judy Says:

    If we choose the banana split option and sell an item will we be able to know if the sale came through Lollishops originally or our web site?
    Thanks !!!

  9. Brigitte Says:

    I would want to know how many people are on the jury? What’s the fee structure?

    … I will think of more ;3

  10. Denise Mollison Says:

    Will seller’s items have a “payment pending” option so items are not removed from the shop until payment is received?

  11. TQB Designs Says:

    How did Lollishops come about? Will the blog have a direct link from the selling site and will it continue to function with info for buyers and sellers about Lollishops?
    Will there be a defined set of rules for those that buy and sell on Lollishops?
    Who do you contact when you have to refund a sale and how will that work?
    How will billing work for sellers? Will you send direct emails to our “store” or to our personal account on file? Or will we have to keep tract as sellers? Will we be able to pay bill via PayPal?

    That’s all I can think of now:)


  12. sita Says:

    I am thrilled to be part of this and I am just curious about the marketing? Exposure, what venues are you considering for getting the word out? Any Print Ads lined up? Will there be a way we can rotate ad spots or purchase ad spaces in print?

  13. naomi Says:

    OK ….. am I wrong Sadie Lou but wasn’t this thread asking for feedback as to what we think would be the FAQ on the Lollishop site. Not our own questions at this moment about Lollishop. ie.

    FAQ for buyers
    How are Lollishop disputes between seller and buyer handled.
    Does a buyer pay Lollishop or the seller directly

    These were just examples.

  14. I would also like to see a definition of “frou-frou” friendly. What kind of buyers are we trying to drive to Lollishops? This will obviously set us apart from Ebay and Etsy so it seems we need a clear idea of what kind of products will be sold here.

  15. Morgan Says:

    Lolly is juried because

    The customer can be sure that the items available here are of the best quality, with no mass-produced non-handmade stuff.

    Edit as you please!

  16. How are vendors chosen? I mean, I know Lollishops is juried but it seems some get in and some don’t that sell the same high quality type thing.

  17. Ann Says:

    Will shops be reviewed prior to going ‘live’ to ensure the integrity of the site? I submitted and was approved for one particular product; will there be further jurying of additional products if a shop owner wishes to add them? I think this should be covered somewhere.

  18. Donna Says:

    Will we be able to offer combined shipping? If so will it be set up like etsy?

  19. Cerri Says:

    Hi Sadie, I do think something that will come up/need to be addressed in the FAQ’s is regarding leaving the site to visit the .com shops. I am thinking this might be confusing for the shoppers and would need some clarification.

    Best wishes and getting this all ready!
    ~Cerri xo

  20. DaisyToad Says:

    Will we be able to set up shop a week or so before the launch?

  21. Sandra Lujan Says:

    Hi Sadie Lou,
    My question at this time is similar to above and that is in terms of marketing Lollishops.
    What is the plans for getting the name out there in terms of advertising?
    How are we going to reach new markets thus new customer base?
    I see that Etsy has been doing full page adds and showing images of different sellers work is Lollishops going to do that? and if so how will you decide who gets featured?
    thanks Sadie Lou!!

  22. lollishopsblog Says:

    All these questions are awesome! Naomi is right, some of these will not be addressed in the FAQ just because they have more to do with your own personal questions about LolliShops but some of these are very pertinent.
    Some of the questions have already been answered on The Guild in our Private Forums…please contact me if you’re not a member there yet:

  23. Kathy Says:

    How do I make a purchase?
    Where can I go for help about ????
    How do I create my wish list? (if applies)
    How do I save my shopping basket? (if applies)
    I haven’t heard from my vendor; what do I do now?
    How do I pay with Paypal, without creating a Paypal account?
    Does Lollishops, the venue, arbitrate any issues between buyer and seller? If so, what and how?
    I love Lollishops! How do I become a Lollishops vendor?

  24. Tina Says:

    Before I state my question, I need to ask politely that the few vendors who have taken it upon themselves to complain about seeing some low quality work/vendors to stop the negativity.
    If Sadie and the jury chose all of us, then we are all equal here. Maybe not in terms of sales or talent now,but in potential.Remember when you were a newbie?
    Keep your opinions to yourself. Someone may not like your work or your high and mighty attitude.

    Will Lollishops market the opening of the site?
    Shall we,as vendors,start promoting co-vendors now? (after we have all promoted Lollishops on our blogs.)What can we do to help Sadie, rather than having a laundry list of what we might expect from her.


  25. thxhvn4ltlgrls Says:

    Thank you for all of the hard work you are doing. My question is: Will we be able to list under different categories? I sell vintage and handmade.

  26. heidi Says:

    Hi Sadie ~

    Can I list mulitples of the same item? Like I do on ETSY ~ Great for supply sellers!

    xo h

  27. Diane Says:

    So many really good questions that I have have been asked already!

    In addition to most of the above I would really like to know and understand you the search will work and how Lollishops is to be promoted.

  28. Jennifer Says:

    I think this post hits the actual ? asked perfectly!!!

    Kathy Says:
    September 24, 2008 at 4:50 pm
    How do I make a purchase?
    Where can I go for help about ????
    How do I create my wish list? (if applies)
    How do I save my shopping basket? (if applies)
    I haven’t heard from my vendor; what do I do now?
    How do I pay with Paypal, without creating a Paypal account?
    Does Lollishops, the venue, arbitrate any issues between buyer and seller? If so, what and how?
    I love Lollishops! How do I become a Lollishops vendor?

  29. I agree, Kathy gets top marks for her questions! All of these are perfect.
    I would add..
    How do I ask a vendor a question?
    Does everyone post internationally?
    Do I get an email with a receipt/acknowledgement of my order?
    How do I save my favourite sellers to visit them later?
    How do I purchase something? Do I need to be a member? If so show me how?
    How can I link the Lollishop’s marketplace to my blog so my friends can visit too?

    There are a few I will probably think of more during the day. Hope they help! Great job Sadie Lou!
    Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage

  30. Giggleberry Says:

    So many people have covered my questions already – I guess that’s why it is “Frequently” asked question section…

    Mine would be
    How many photos per listing?
    How will feedback work?
    How will advertising for lollishop happen?

    So excited!!!

  31. Nan Says:

    How about gift certificates. Can we figure out a system which will be able to use them at check out?
    Thank you!!
    Can’t wait to start!!!

  32. Cat Says:

    I’m assuming buyers will need to register, so a how to register and why

    also how to use paypal for those new to it.


  33. If possible, will there be a spell check somewhere when listing. It really would be great. Thanks!

  34. DaisyToad Says:

    Not sure if it has been asked already, but will we have an invoicing option to send invoices through lollishops and not paypal?

  35. Sweet Mae Marie Says:

    A couple more possible FAQ’s

    Are all items on Lollishops handmade?
    What currency is Lollishops?
    What payments are accepted?

  36. Maisy Says:

    Making myself think as a buyer, I guess I would like to know:

    1. What makes lollishops different from other selling forums? (Why should I shop here?)

    2. What is the complaints process if I have a dispute with a buyer/if something goes wrong?

    3. How does lollishops select its buyers? (Can I also open a shop?)

    4. How does lollishops promote itself and attract the best/quality sellers?

    5. Can I leave feedback for lollishops in general, or do I just leave feedback for sellers?

    6. What if I don’t like what I buy? Is there a returns policy set by lollishops, or do all the sellers have their own rules about this?

    That’s all I can think of for now Sadie. Thanks so much for all your hard work 🙂 x

  37. Michele Says:

    I know as a buyer I shy away from having to register to buy something (extra step!), can a buyer have the option of not registering in order to by from a Lolli vendor? Does a seller need to keep spending .20 to get his/her picture at the top of the search as in Etsy?

  38. DaisyToad Says:

    What qualifies as “vintage” vs. “antique”?

  39. melanie Says:

    How will the searches work? How will tags work?

  40. Joanie Says:

    How will Lollishops advertise?

  41. Michele (Luvkitty) Says:

    I don’t have a question right now, but I did want to say thank you for all your hard work. I’m enjoying seeing the process of creating and getting a site like this up and running. GREAT JOB!!!


    Thanks so much!!
    Michele R.(CA)

  42. Rebecca Says:

    With the photos need to be a certain size, will they get cut off anywhere on the site if it isnt a certain size? Also, you mention that we can link to flickr… is that the only way we can put product photos on, or can we upload them to the lollishops site, too?

  43. Rebecca Says:

    Oh, one more… will there be a way for each individual seller to set up discount codes and gift certificates for their shop? So when buyers checkout, they can just enter the code that the seller gave them, and it automatically discounts it?

  44. Daisy Says:

    Well,I really don’t have any good questions because I just came to your blog for the first time today and I am not sure what Lollishops are? Are you just selling lollipops?

  45. Donna Says:

    I would love to be involved with this site. It describes my handcrafted jewelry perfectly. Cute, romantic, unique, colorful, different.

  46. Nellie Says:

    Hi Sadie,

    We were accepted to be Lollishop vendors a couple of months ago. Where can we learn more about what Lollishops is? We don’t know what a “juried” site is. I don’t have a password to enter the guild.

    Thank you!

  47. Dana Says:

    When we name our shops, will we be able to use letter and number characters only, or will we be able to use some other characters with them like & or * … ?

    Thank you!

  48. mountains Says:

    Right on. I learn a little something totally new and exciting on websites I find on http://lollishops. regularly.
    It’s never a bad idea to engage the ideas and material of other writers and link to other sites.

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