A Weekend With…Roxie of Candylights

September 12, 2008

Talk about your eye candy…
I recently confessed to Roxie that I am fully in love with her website. Roxie makes something we all want. Something we all must have this holiday season!
I’m purchasing a couple strands of these for my Silver Bella booth this November…aren’t they delicious?

Those are the “Pink” Candylights by Jorabeel’s

I know you’re dying to meet the genius behind the bulb so…

Hi, my name is Roxie Morrow, owner and designer of Candylights by Jorabeel’s.
I’ve been hand dipping bulbs and light strands for 3 years and get inspired daily by the many creative women entrepreneurs out there.
I have many goals for my business, one of which is to see Candylights in stores.
I love everything feminine, anything eye candy, and all things PINK!
Candylights are both fun and functional at the same time. Pretty pastel light confections make your home beautiful and your Holidays shine!
I hope to add many more colors and scents as I am continuously receiving customer requests and recommendations.
I am having so much fun playing and truly making Candylights a “sweet” “bright” notion to your life.
My favorite quote of all time: HOPE is the DREAM of a soul AWAKE.

I love that last picture! Those are the individual bulbs. I love that these bulbs are not just for the holidays but you can enjoy them all the time–wouldn’t it be romantic in your bedroom?
I just want to eat them.
Roxie has another website called Business in the Bag where she helps people brand their businesses…

You can also get to know Roxie better this weekend by visiting her BLOG!
Have a great weekend everyone…
~Sadie Lou


26 Responses to “A Weekend With…Roxie of Candylights”

  1. Alisa Says:

    Oh my goodness! I’ve never seen anything like it… very cool (and yummy looking!)

  2. Roxie Says:

    Hi Sadie. Thanks for spotlighting me this weekend, I’m totally and completely honored. Hope you have a great day!

  3. Heidi Says:

    Now that’s eye candy at it’s finest! Simply charming! Thanks for highlighting Roxie. I’m going over to her blog to say “hi” now!
    Have a great weekend, everyone!!!

  4. Brandie Pahl Says:

    Great interview! I have been admiring Roxie’s candylights for a while now. I think I need to quit looking and buy some already;)

  5. Hi Sadie,

    I have Roxie’s pretty lights and they are wonderful! I can’t wait to use them on my Christmas tree again this year. She certainly is very talented.
    Janet’s Creative Pillows

  6. Kathy Says:

    Love Roxie’s lights – pretty year round! Her Business in the Bag is brilliant 🙂 Kathy

  7. Love my Candylights!

  8. lisa Says:


    I love my Candylights too! They are so very yummy.


  9. GO ROXIE, GO ROXIE, GO ROXIE!!!!!!! We love you girlfriend! And those scented bulbs!

    Peppermint scented bulbs are a MUST for the holiday ladies. Grab them up asap.

    xo Cathy

  10. We love Roxie’s candylights too! Great post!

  11. So pretty! They look like cotton candy! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Amanda Says:

    How awesome! I agree with Amy – they look just like cotton candy. Those have to be some of the neatest lights I have ever seen!

  13. Just LOVE them!!! The are so beautiful and yummy looking….

  14. Britta Lee Says:

    So glad to see you featured Roxie! I adore the lights you made and happy that the rest of the finding out what many of us already know–that you rock.

    Congrats on being featured on this pretty pretty site–love it!!

  15. Toni Kelly Says:

    You are so smart! What a beautiful and creative idea. These should definitely be on every store shelf!

  16. Dianne Says:

    Roxie, I’m so happy to see you featured here at LolliShops! I love my Candy Lights and I need to order more, and I want some scented ones too! Roxie is one of the sweetest, smartest, most positive and creative souls I’ve ever met. She has lots of talent, but also has the heart, drive, and vision to make all her dreams come true. I have no doubt that stores will soon be scrambling to stock her amazing Candy Lights!

  17. Cindy Says:

    Roxie..what a delight seeing you featured..your lights are beautiful..and I love using them in my designs..in fact I design items just for your bulbs! Love ’em!

  18. Lori Says:

    Woohoo !!! You go girl !! Roxie’s Candy Lights are just wonderful !!

  19. Debbie Says:

    I loved seeing your picture here Roxie…..and I just got my pink lights out getting ready to decorate my shop for Christmas….the pink lights will go either on my white or my silver tree…I’ll post pics on my blog when it’s done. I love the pic with the lights in the gumball machine…so cute!

    Pink hugs,

  20. Theresa Says:

    Roxie’s a sweetie heart just brimming over with talent. Glad she was featured!
    Theresa @ Cottage Violets

  21. I love those lights! Gotta get me some of those!

  22. Brigitte Says:

    These lights are so creative and beautiful! I’ve never seen anything like them AND I adore the colors! ❤ ❤

  23. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting this awesome lady and can unequivocally say, Roxie is as sweet as her candylights! You’re such a talent Rox, your gorgeous lights will be in shops all over the country very soon!

    Tons of hugs to you~

  24. sweetirie Says:

    Those are super neat! Love the pastel colors!

  25. Jessica Says:

    Oh, yum! I’ve never seen these before.

  26. melanie Says:

    These are fabulous!

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