A Weekend With: Sugar Cookie Dolls

August 22, 2008

I decided that every weekend, we will spend some time with a LolliShops vendor. Our very first weekend will be spent with Toni of Sugar Cookie Dolls.
I found Toni’s creations on Etsy quite some time ago. I hearted her shop. When I came up with the idea for a froufrou friendly marketplace, I instantly looked up Toni and contacted her. Toni’s creations are exactly the kind of sweet creations I think of when I think of “Elegant Whimsy”.
Glittery:: Delicious:: Frilly:: Foofy:: Sugary:: Desserts:: Pink:: Feminine:: Sweet!!
Here is a darling photo of Toni in her studio…
Doesn’t that look like an inspiring place to create?

I told Toni to pick out her three favorite pictures of her creations…

Toni says…

Hello to you from the magical world of Sugar Cookie Dolls!
My name is Toni Kelly & I handcraft a variety of whimsical fairies, angels, elves, bunnies, etc. – depending on my mood. I love to make pumpkin fairies for October. I always attach a rhinestone pink ribbon charm to those b/c Oct. is breast cancer awareness month & I’m a breast cancer survivor. I make it my business to remind as many women as possible to get a mammogram.

I am proud to call Toni a friend, fellow artisan and LolliShops Vendor!
I look forward to seeing more delicious goodies from Sugar Cookie Dolls!
~Sadie Lou


26 Responses to “A Weekend With: Sugar Cookie Dolls”

  1. Wow! Such beautiful yummy and sparkly pieces! Love the pumpkin fairy and her crown! Fun studio too!

  2. So very sugary sweet!
    Love her work…

  3. melanie Says:

    What lovely work!!! That pumpkin fairy is beautiful! =)

  4. Junque Art Says:

    Such cute dolls!!! Love the pumpkin one!

  5. Shonna Says:

    Totally adorable!!! Love it!!!

  6. kim Says:

    LOVE her stuff!!

  7. katie Says:

    so sparkly & cute!! I love it>:)

  8. very creative and pretty ideas, Toni~ thanks for sharing!

  9. angela Says:

    Sunscreen is too cute!!! I have to go look at all of them now. Thanks for sharing your story and products!

  10. Amanda Says:

    Those are adorable! And what an awesome workspace that is! Very inspiring as well; I love the pink ribbon idea. What a great lady to spend the weekend with!

  11. Kathy Says:

    So nice to meet you Toni. Your work is fab!

  12. denise Says:

    You make such pretty things! I love the pumpkin fairy, the feel of autumn is in the air! Your craft area is so cheery.
    Nice to meet you.

  13. naomi Says:

    Hi Toni …. so nice to meet you and your creations are so very sweet and lovely.

  14. dmollison Says:

    Pleased to meet you. FUN little dolls!

  15. miquette Says:

    wow what a fantastic studio!

  16. Lori Says:

    oh, i LOVE her dolls!!! i actually “found” this gal when i saw a picture of one of her creations at Sadie Lou Who 🙂 her work is darling!!!

  17. Roxie Says:

    So nice to meet you Toni. Congrats on being a Breast Cancer Survivor, I am over the top happy for you!!! Way to go!!!
    Love your creations, you are very talented, a true inspiration yourself.

  18. Jaimee Says:

    Thanks so much for introducing me to Toni and her work…it’s just Darling!

  19. Christine Says:

    Her dolls are truly adorable! I love her studio shot! Can’t wait to check out her work more!

  20. Alisa Says:

    Hello Toni! Such sweet creations!

  21. Lallee Says:

    Frou-frou humor! I love them. My favorite is “You are what you eat. Thank you for introducing Toni to us, Sadie.

  22. Eunice Says:

    How adorable !!

  23. Mystiqueisland Says:

    Ooo my goodness..that’s tooo cute!

  24. I LOVE the pumpkin fairy! Lovely work.

  25. maisy Says:

    These dolls are delightful! And I totally want Toni’s workspace *stamps jealous foot* what a fun, pretty space to work in!!

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