Shop Category: Artistic Elements

August 16, 2008

Artistic Elements
Definition: Who knows what artists need BETTER than fellow artists? This category is for artistic inspiration! You’ll find gorgeous, well composed art kits and collage packs. This is the category for supplies such as special glue, ribbons, trims and fabrics!

I am soooo excited about this category. I LOVE to buy my artistic elements online because you just can’t find these things anywhere else! I couldn’t go to Estate Sales every weekend for a month and come away with as many goodies as I could get in one hour on LolliShops (when it’s ready).
These artists (because they are artists and suppliers to artists) really know how to pull together a bunch of odds & ends and package them in such a way that I just HAVE to have them!
Not to mention all the creative talent that goes into handmade supplies like Heidi’s Crepe Paper Ruffles! Do not settle for any other crepe paper ruffles–Heidi’s are the original!
My next giveaway is going to be an artist’s supply kit! Coming this Monday so come back Monday to leave a comment to win!!
~Sadie Lou

I also have some exciting news coming next week about the LolliShops website!


9 Responses to “Shop Category: Artistic Elements”

  1. Sadie, you are just killing me! (with suspense) Kathy

  2. Kathy Says:

    Must be the name Kathy…lol I can’t wait to hear more. I come here daily…looking for clues and hints!
    Have a great weeknd Sadie~
    Kathy #2

  3. Amanda Says:

    This is a wonderful category! I love buying kits and packs of goodies online, too! And I can’t wait to hear the exciting news!

  4. Lallee Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you. I’m so glad you are including this category! See you Monday!

  5. Julie Says:

    Yay! what a fun category!!

    It looks like candy when it’s all grouped together:)

  6. jamie Says:

    This looks like a Wonderful Catagory.

  7. Ann Says:

    Sadie, I’m so excited. I hope I remember to come back Monday!

    BTW, I wanted to invite you over to my blog, too. I’m having a drawing for one of my tags on Monday.

  8. Lori Says:

    that is one of my favorite categories Sadie Lou, i am always looking for the little bits to complete a project…most of my shopping is elements and trims…i love your picks!!!

  9. Lani Says:

    oh…the suspence is killing me! 🙂

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