Round Three: More Talented Vendors

August 5, 2008

1. all work and no play, 2. simple collage – scarf, 3. 100_4163, 4. Pages 7 – 8, 5. Vintage Grace Collection, 6. Monogram Collage, 7. Little Garden Queen Bird, 8. I Shop Vintage, 9. The Sweet Shabby EyeCandy Ring, 10. Jody ( Med. stander) #1, 11. The dollhouse at Christmas, 12. More Pink Stuff, 13. DSCF1746c1, 14. Faux party cakes, 15. sisters atc, 16. Bunny-Love-Cake, 17. Miss-Bunny-Surprise, 18. 3 Little Bunnies, 19. “Dream” Mirror, 20. strawberry chocolate cupcake ornaments

Not everyone has a Flickr so not *ALL* the awesome talent will be represented in these mosaics but it sure gives a great visual of quality & magic and froufrou GOODNESS that will be present on LolliShops. All I can say is, we’re in Good Company!!
~Sadie Lou


10 Responses to “Round Three: More Talented Vendors”

  1. karen Says:

    Thank you. I was just stopping by and enjoying all this pastel goodness, and I was looking at all this lovely talent on your mosaic…and I saw you put Miss Bunny Surprise on their. Yah!
    Thank you Sadie Lou,

  2. lollishopsblog Says:

    Thank YOU Karen!!

  3. jessi nagy Says:

    aaahhh everything is so cute.
    im going to be in the poorhouse.

  4. karen Says:

    Sadie Lou,
    I wrote a post today and included this mosaic and introduction to Lollishops with your beautiful badges. Stop by…you’ll love the music. Karen

  5. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful I bet you has so much fun putting that together!!
    I can see a good deal of Flickr surfing for myself this morning, looking at more of these beauties!! have a wonderful day, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

  6. Andrea Says:

    I can’t wait! one place to shop for all things girly and fufu!

  7. Amanda Says:

    So much frilly, girly, wonderful goodness! What an amazing place this is going to be! And like someone else already said, “Have I mentioned that I CAN’T WAIT??”

    *Anxiously waits for next post*

  8. Lori Says:

    these are all super cute!!!

  9. Pam Says:

    Love the mosaics. I’ve got Given Enough Coffee I Could Rule The World and a few others on flickr. I don’t have a lot on flickr but use what you’d like on a mosaic 🙂
    Blessings, Pam

  10. Ann Says:

    Wow, I was so busy looking at everyone else’s goodies I didn’t even notice you included me in your mosaic. lol…. Thanks!!!

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